CBBC confirms 15% conversion rate for Gory Games Play-along App

London, 10th July 2014

At last week’s Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield, SyncScreen™, innovators in the creation and delivery of harmonised two-screen TV experiences, talked about some of the success secrets behind the ‘Gory Games’ play-along app which ran for 15 episodes through May on CBBC. SyncScreen explained the production workflow for the integrated two-screen play-along apps:

The BBC confirmed the success of the Gory Games play-along app, with Gory Games peaking at a 15% conversion rate for viewers playing along and with over 100,000 downloads of the app.
CBBC has been experimenting with “play along” apps for shows including Horrible History Gory Games and Ludus and in 2014, with children able to answer questions alongside the on-screen contestants. Ludus also achieved a conversion rate of between 10% and 15% and achieved over 100,000 downloads. Both apps are powered by the SyncScreen.

Contact: Keith Johnson