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PLAY-along TV Experiences

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Next- generation “immersive TV” enjoyment for all TV genres

Create real changes in TV viewing behaviour with well-executed 2-screen format creation


In creating truly immersive and participative play-along TV formats 

In building the high road to deeper audience enjoyment of and participation in  tomorrow’s TV shows

with a partner with a proven track record in refreshing existing TV formats with a compelling 2-screen format

Gory Games play-along app achieved remarkable 15% conversion of linear TV audience and encouraged repeat viewing


For 2-screen TV productions

For forward-thinking app/game developers, full service digital agencies, TV production companies wanting to bridge the imagination gap and think 2-screen TV and the creative requirement and use case for an enjoyable, rewarding  2-screen user experience

  • Proven API adopted by BBC for Gory Games and Ludus play-along app

Do you get it?

SyncScreen was founded in 2012 to focus on next generation TV entertainment- ‘immersive TV’ format development for new and existing TV shows

Today, frustratingly, this is a still-emerging, very new craft field where the gaps still persist in the necessary creative imagination and application needed to editorially bring together the TV broadcast production world with the digital / mobile world in a 2-screen experience that drives TV viewing to deeper enjoyment levels. So, not surprisingly the uptake worldwide of so-called “second screen” has been hesitant and slow. It sadly follows that the development of the necessary new production / editorial skills needed to do 2-screen well in all TV genres has also stalled and true expertise and tools remains in the hands of few of us.

So the challenge to break-through persists and SyncScreen remain committed to pioneering the creation, design and production of harmonious 2-screen TV formats , through seeking worldwide partnerships to move thinking and resulting practice to the next level in the interactive refreshment of existing TV shows or creation and development of completely new 2-screen TV formats and IP

Done well, end-to-end,  it is absolutely possible to pioneer and create new adopted TV viewing behaviours for 2-screen viewer enjoyment, but it really is a new art-form on the TV-digital creative fault line.

Do you get it? If so, get in touch and collaborate with SyncScreen in creating truly immersive and participative play-along TV formats to showcase the high road to deeper audience enjoyment of and participation in  tomorrow’s TV.

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