Deepening the TV Experience

fully Interactive  and  Immersive

PLAY-along TV Experiences

by design




Next- generation “immersive TV” for all TV genres

Create real changes in TV viewing behaviour with well-executed 2-screen know-how


On 2-screen concept pitches, design & production

Proven track record in refreshing existing TV formats with immersive play-along experiences

Gory Games play-along app achieved remarkable 15% conversion of linear TV audience and encouraged repeat viewing


For next generation ‘digital’ agencies, app developers, TV production companies…


  • Spend your valuable time on the creative requirement of a good 2-screen user experience

  • Our API does all the heavy lifting on the tech, delivering proven, robust play-along experiences for TV series (one-offs and repeated), VOD and PVR content. The interactivity stays with the content

  • Proven API adopted by BBC for Gory Games and Ludus play-along apps

Creative Tools

 Creative tools backed by 2-screen design know-how to make “second-screen” delivery part of everyday TV production.

                 If a two-screen experience is distracting or confusing, it’s not going to work for the viewer


  • Proven tools in rapid dual-screen prototyping in UK and US for consumer research, pitches and internal testing

  • Proven tools and processes in viewer-centric user experience design

  • Integrated workflow design and processes for TV editorial teams


SyncScreen was founded in 2012 to focus solely on next generation ‘immersive TV’ development, design and production.

This is a still-emerging new creative field where the new production skills and related creative tools to bring together the TV broadcast world with the digital world in a 2-screen experience that drives TV viewing to deeper levels have been largely absent.

So-called ‘second-screen’  was an experimental phase in interactive TV where the tech was just bolted on to existing apps and TV formats with no real attention given to driving an immersive viewer experience. ‘Second-screen’ may have hit the Oxford Dictionary and is therefore a necessary short-hand for what we do, but it is one of those lazy (and misleading) consumer usage terms and completely fails to capture the momentum of the new and evolving consumer behaviour around TV viewing.

We are pioneering best creative practice in the design and production of harmonious 2-screen TV formats

Done well, end-to-end,  we can create new adopted TV viewing behaviours, but it really is a new art-form on the creative side. Do you get it? If so, get in touch and collaborate with SyncScreen as your creative partner and tech provider of choice for dual screen productions; available for creative workshops, project consultancy & management.

For more information, contact Keith Johnson




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